Serving Lethbridge, Medicine Hat and surrounding areas in Alberta, Able Dental Group is a group of family dentistry practice that brings together dentists and trained dental professionals to provide the latest in treatments and procedures to Albertans in need of dental care. Although Able Dental Group had their own trained in-house marketing team, they still relied on external sources for their CRM as well as other inbound marketing. With a goal of bringing all expertise and inbound marketing in-house, Able Dental Group partnered with Larmahil to maximize the return on their investment through ongoing consulting.


Able Dental Group was searching for a solutions-oriented partner who could help the Dental group conglomerate several outside sources who managed multiple parts of their business into one cohesive tool. Able Dental Group had their own marketing team and felt more than capable of handling all of their own marketing needs in-house. The real challenge was in doing the research, identifying gaps, finding an ideal platform that would work for both short and long-term needs, and then assuring an ease of transition from old processes to new.

Dental practices also face a significant number of restrictions when it comes to advertising, marketing and promotion. From a consulting standpoint, this presented a unique challenge in that Able Dental Group also required a compelling and differentiating strategy that was compliant with regulation but still effective at gaining leads. Requiring a consultant that would work with their internal team as opposed to trying to replace it, Able Dental Group faced a major obstacle – and Larmahil, with a full understanding of Able Dental Group’s marketing environment, presented a solution.


Larmahil offered Able Dental Group a better tool to manage their digital and inbound marketing – a CRM platform which replaced all of their outside sources and brought them in-house and at the disposal of their internal team. The CRM platform implemented by Larmahil gave the Dental group full control, enabling them to do anything from run digital marketing strategies or campaigns to managing client relationships without having to rely on outside sources.

Through the course of discussions and training on how to use the CRM effectively, Able Dental Group requested that Larmahil’s consultations be ongoing in order to help them best manage and maintain their CRM.

Larmahil now works with Able Dental Group’s in-house marketing team on a weekly basis to develop strategy, discuss any challenges, come up with marketing solutions and assist in project management.


The results of Able Dental Group’s partnership with Larmahil is ongoing, with continual weekly consultation that helps the group align their marketing efforts with their overall vision and business goals. 

The CRM platform that Able Dental Group has transitioned to has had a positive impact on the group and their business. First, it has allowed the group to integrate all of their marketing applications and better nurture their existing and potential clients. Since the Dental group has multiple office locations, the CRM platform also enables them to have more control and merge all of their marketing efforts for maximum efficiency. 

Consulting with Larmahil has also helped the Dental group manage their costs by eliminating external or agency fees and bringing all required work in-house. With less overhead, the group now has more money to spend on other marketing initiatives to attract, convert, close and satisfy more customers.

“We found Larmahil at a critical time in our search for better tools to align all of our inbound marketing efforts. Larmahil took the time to fully understand our specific needs and proposed a solution that was ideal for our company. This goes a long way to saving valuable time, and at the same time, making tasks simpler. This is why I am grateful for the attention to detail, business insights and the skilled coaching of Larmahil.”