The Containment Answer (TCA) Secondary Containment is a full-service secondary containment provider which offers a complete selection of engineered steel containment solutions for tanks and vessels of all sizes, as well as geomembrane liners and geotextile fabrics, across the Agriculture, Earthworks, Engineering, and Oil and Gas industries in Canada.

A leading distributor of secondary containment systems in Western Canada, TCA specializes in delivering industry-compliant and cost-effective containment solutions, from design assistance and fabrication through to installation and construction services.

While the company had experienced a surge in business in a relatively short amount of time, TCA was still relying on traditional processes when it came to quoting, proposals and submitting RFPs. With current methods taking significant time and manual effort, TCA recognized that there must be something they could do to better streamline their process, and partnered with Larmahil for help.


The beginning of this case study is actually the beginning of Larmahil itself. The relationship between Larmahil and TCA began before Larmahil’s inception, when Larmahil’s owner and inbound strategist Jake McLaren began working with TCA as part of a previous company. After many months of establishing a successful and trusting working partnership, Jake became the Marketing Manager for TCA. 

In the initial stages of working for TCA, it became evident that when it came to requests for proposals (RFP) and requests for quotes (RFQ), there was a large amount of overlap and redundancy in their processes which took significant time to complete – from digital, to manual, to digital again, resulting in weeks of work for a process which could be made simple. Other than inefficiency and lost productivity, more opportunities would have actually made the problem worse, meaning that redundancies in process were actually affecting new business opportunities and the future growth of TCA. This presented a major problem.

“We have a new system, our processes are streamlined, and we can now focus on doing what we do best.”



Through a new CRM system, TCA was able to take a process which took anywhere from 10 to 14 days to complete, and conglomerate it so that the entire process could be completed in just a few hours. Instead of four levels of data entry, TCA now had one where all information would be tracked and carried through by the CRM. With the click of a button, information is converted – quotes become sales orders, and sales orders become invoices. Similar processes became templated, and with the implementation of CRM technology, TCA’s entire business process was changed to be more efficient, and more  successful.



By implementing a new system, identifying redundancies and helping to eliminate them, TCA no longer had to prioritize quotes. With more streamlined processes when it came to RFPs and RFQs, TCA was able to increase its chances of winning a bid by delivering quotes and proposals often way ahead of scheduled deadlines. This also improved their bottom line, directly contributing to a more reliable and steady revenue stream.

“We are so thankful and happy that we chose to work with Larmahil. They completely revolutionized our the way we did things, making a crucial but often long and drawn out process able to be completed in a matter of hours. Everything is running smoothly and much more efficiently now. Can’t recommend them enough.”