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10 things you can automate using CRM

10 things you can automate using CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is designed to help business owners better manage their contact records, lead generation, and sales process. The software itself is a tool to be used as part of an overarching strategy. As we look at the lifecycle stages for a new customer in each of the businesses we work with, we start to identify repetitive actions where automation can help our clients free up time.


Website automations

  1. Website contact form - the data entered by a new lead or contact on your website should not create more work for you. CRM technology can automatically add your new contact to your database reducing the amount of data entry required.
  2. Contact form response - do not assume the "thank you, your form was submitted" message on your website will satisfy any prospects inquiry. We like to know that there is a reaction happening to our initial action. Have your CRM email your new prospect with some useful content to keep them engaged until you are able to respond to them directly.
  3. Event based tasks - when a prospect takes an action like visiting a certain page of your website, or clicking a specific call to action, your CRM can notify you and assign a task for you to follow up on.

Sales automations

  1. Lead rotation - share incoming leads with your sales team evenly with a lead rotation system. Assign leads based on region, date/time, product or service needs, or any other rule which fits your business model.
  2. Prospecting - integrate your CRM with your social media channels other tools like linkedhub.io  (a chrome extension which connects Hubspot to LinkedIn) to automate your social media accounts for lead capturing.
  3. Email sequences - queue up a series of emails designed to engage prospects and send the next follow up emails in a time based sequence. Automatically stop the sequence when your prospect replies so you don't annoy them or tip off the automation.
  4. Meetings - How many emails back and forth did you send to book your last meeting? using a meetings feature in your CRM you can skip the back and forth and let your prospect decide when they would like to meet with you.

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Marketing automations

  1. Email campaigns - a series of time or event based marketing emails designed to deliver content offers, special promotions, and up coming events.
  2. Event registration - connect your CRM to an event planning tool to automatically capture new contact data from registration, or use tags and rule to trigger a campaign for an existing contact when they register.
  3. Follow ups and referrals - delight your customers and turn them into brand evangelists with follow emails. In a follow up email you can ask them "how did we do?", "would you refer a friend/colleague?", "would your leave us a google review?".

CRM automation does not require a heavy financial investment, most of the items on this list are available for free. The best part of automation is once you set it up you do not need to maintain it, it will just work until you turn it off or adjust it. To learn more about ways you can automate your sales and marketing talk to a CRM consultant.


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