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3 reasons why nobody uses your website contact form

3 reasons why nobody uses your website contact form

The idea is simple, you want to give your visitors a way to contact you through your website. A website contact form is a great way to allow your potential customers to engage with you and ask specific questions about your products and services. All company websites now include a contact form of some kind. It could be a newsletter/blog subscription form, a landing page conversion form, or the classic "send us a message" contact form.

So why doesn't anyone use the contact form on your website?

We have compiled a short list of the 3 most common reasons why your website contact form is not effectively generating leads for your business.

  1. Lack of website traffic - In the digital marketing world it is a common fact that only about 1-2% of visitors will convert to a lead via form submission on a landing page. If your website generates fewer than 100 unique visitors/month then it is not the form which is the problem. You need more visitors to the site.
  2. Lack of motivation - Personal information is currency, and if the visitor does not see value in what you are offering they are less likely to to give up their personal information. If you use the same "contact us" Call To Action (CTA) in every page of your website and they all direct to same form you are not really offering anything of value to the visitor. CTA's like "download now" "get free ____" tell the visitor they are getting something of value in return for their information.
  3. Lack of trust - Web browsers like Google chrome now offer warnings to visitors regarding the security level of a website. If your site is not secure, Google will tell visitors not to trust it, and to not fill in contact forms with sensitive information. Even if your site is secure, if the visitor doesn't know your companies privacy policies, that could be enough of a reason to not fill out your contact form.

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A modern growth-driven website should be built with the user in mind. The user experience should be the primary factor when developing your company website. Anything that causes doubt, or pause (hesitation), may prevent the visitor from converting on your contact form.

Remember, it is not enough to just tell visitors to fill in the contact form and blindly trust your company. You must provide them with reasons:

  • Why they should contact you?
  • Who will have access to their information?
  • What they will get in return for giving up their personal information?
  • When they can expect to hear back from you?

If your website is not generating leads for your business, first look at the traffic. If you do not have the information needed to understand your website traffic, then you probably just discovered your first problem. If the traffic is meeting your expectations, then you must look at your content. Is what you are offering in exchange for the information you are asking for a good value for the visitor? try changing your wording on your CTA's, or reducing the number of form fields you are requiring the visitor to fill out. Lastly, take a look at the security of your site and your privacy policy. If your site is not secure and you do not have a clear privacy policy some people will not give you their personal information no matter how valuable your content offer is.

Is your website a lead generating tool for your business?


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