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Collect is added to the HubSpot Ecosystem

Collect is added to the HubSpot Ecosystem

It's always exciting when one of our products, modules, themes, or templates are accepted into the HubSpot Asset Marketplace, but when you work so hard on building a fully functioning application, and it is approved...  Well there is nothing better.  It is with great pride that I share the news, Collect by Larmahil has been accepted into the HubSpot ecosystem as an integration solution for Stripe and HubSpot.

View Collect in the HubSpot APP Marketplace

What is collect?

Collect is more than just a payment form, we have built out a series of integrated modules designed to give our users the ultimate flexibility in how they sell their products and services online.  An all-inclusive payment processing interface, collect enables you to design multiple styles of product pages and add secure credit card collection to all of them.  

HubSpot CMS uses a do it yourself, or drag and drop, website builder to create blogs, websites, and landing pages.  The theme and module system provides the user with a lot of flexibility when building and styling website pages.  Collect works seamlessly with this system, allowing you to drag and drop your preferred payment method into your page, no coding required.New call-to-action

Forms, Buttons, and Tables

The initial launch of collect is very modest.  We are including 3 modules in our first offering.  

Card Element:  This is the star of the show, an embeddable credit card collection form drag and drop ready.  As you are making your page just drop the module anywhere you like, the module automatically adopts the styling of your theme so it looks like a perfect fit.  

Checkout Button: One of our most popular products in the asset marketplace hundreds of clients are already using Stripe checkout on their pages to redirect visitors from HubSpot to a secure payment page.

Pricing Table: A close relative to the checkout button the pricing table module allows uses to embed a payment button inside a pricing table.  With the same secure checkout redirect as the button, a pricing table is a great way to showcase multiple products, plans, or services.  

Security and Data

In todays world privacy and security are at the top of everyones list when it comes to online shopping.  The best part of collect (in my biased opinion) is the fact we are not involved in any sort of payment processing or data collection.  Thats right,  collect doe3s not collect data!  How we built it to work is our modules send the users "payment token" too Stripe for processing.  Stripe runs the payment, data collection and approval process and sends a token back to your hubspot page saying if the transaction is approved or declined. 

On the HubSpot side the only personal data stored is what information you have already approved to provide Stripe. No personal financial information is stored within HubSpot.

More ways to collect

We are very excited about the future possibilities collect offers us as we continue to build out new and unique ways to offer our customers the best possible checkout experience.  We already have plans in motion to create more modules, themes and templates with payment plans.  From multiple product eCommerce stores, to client management portals the possibilities of  what we can do with collect are seemingly endless. Will you join us in monetizing HubSpot websites? 

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