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How Contact Management works in CRM

How Contact Management works in CRM

The contact record is the foundation of your CRM platform

Your business is expanding, and you are getting more customers. While this is a good thing on the whole, it does mean that it is harder to maintain a personal relationship with all your customers. In addition to that, all of the sales information is getting harder to organize, follow up calls are being missed, meetings are being double booked, and you completely forgot to send off the quote that one customer asked for.  How much do this little mental lapses cost your business?  Something that can help prevent these mistakes is by using CRM solutions

To start, CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is an important aspect of modern business. Put simply, it is the system by which a company can keep track of its interactions with customers, and examine that data for ways to improve relationships with them.

One basic, but incredibly helpful tool in the toolbox of CRM is the contact record. A complete record of all interactions with each lead/prospect, and contact in the database. The contact record maintains and manages all of the contact information for customers. It then organizes it in an easy to access fashion. In addition to basic contact information, some standard features found in the contact record include:

  • Email Tracking
  • Notes
  • Tasks to be done
  • Meeting Scheduler
  • Deal Tracking
  • Activity Log
  • Call Tracking


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Contact management may seem simple, but it is essential as a foundation of a CRM system. As it allows a business to have the information on any given customer immediately available. Of course, being software means that it can hold data for massive numbers of customers. Approximately 85% of platforms now offer cloud storage, so they can hold increasing amounts of customer data when your business expands.

Because contact record can track so much information, it allows one to study data trends in a larger scale. The information can be looked at for many customers, making it easy to see trends. Having all of the data easily accessible and analyzed means that it is easy to say where to make changes. You can see what your customers have liked, or disliked, and respond accordingly.

At its core, though, the contact record is about the singular customer. It is there to make interactions with the customer easier, and to help your company deal with them on a one on one basis. Contact management is the manipulation of the contact record inside the CRM.

As a business grows, keeping all of the information organized is essential. While contact management is one of many tools that can help with that, it is a fairly essential one. It allows all of the information on a customer or client to be found with great ease, and without that, the rest of the system will struggle to work. This is what makes it so valuable as a foundation for a larger CRM system.

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