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CRM selection - How to find the right CRM for your company

CRM selection - How to find the right CRM for your company

We hear this question asked often "What is the best CRM?". Unfortunately when you ask this question you will not get the answer to the question you should be really asking "What is the best CRM for my business?". Customer Relationship Management software is a 50 Billion dollar industry and new platforms are coming into the market everyday. Inherently some are better than others but how you measure this should be based on your companies needs.

If your company does not need Gmail integration because all your email addresses are hosted on your IMAP server. Then rating one CRM over another because of Gmail integration is a flawed system.


Here are a few ways you can filter out the noise and find the best CRM for your business.

What is your budget?

The first thing you should consider is almost all of the CRM solutions available use the $$/user/month pricing model. So just because the sticker price says $50/month doesn't mean thats what your company will end up paying. Set a maximum budget in your mind before you start searching, if none of the CRM's you look at offer the features you want within that budget, then you either need to adjust your budget or your expectations.


Are you looking for more leads, or a better way to organize your sales process?

There are a few platforms that claim to do both, generate more leads for your business, and help you close more deals. The truth is, these are two very different things and should be viewed as such.

If you want more leads then add the words "marketing automation" to your CRM search. If the platform you are looking at does not include marketing automation like; website integrations, forms, landing pages, lead flows, and email marketing. Then you are not looking at a Lead Generating CRM.

Ditch the spreadsheet — explore CRM for your business today!

Some of us have a great lead generation system that works really well. If you are in this situation you are probably looking for a better way to organize those leads, and shorten your sales cycle.

In this case you want to look at CRM features like: Deals or Pipeline management, meetings scheduler, email inbox integration, and reporting. These features are common in "sales" CRM's.

If you need both, but have a limited budget, there is nothing wrong with combining two lower cost CRM's to give you the full funnel solution you need.


Are you migrating from one CRM to another?

Many people we talk to are using a CRM and are looking to change. If this is your situation, before you give up on your CRM, ask yourself why you are changing. Is it because your team doesn't like it and isn't using it? is it too expensive? have you outgrown it?

If the problem sounds like an internal one, I can save you the headache of switching right now, because your company has an Iss-YOU. There is a good chance that what you don't like about your CRM is going to be the same in all CRM's. Sometimes it is easier and more cost effective to fix your current relationship than start a whole new one.


If the relationship between your CRM and your company can not be repaired then use the list of things you don't like about your current CRM as your "must have" feature list when shopping for a new one.


Don't ask your friends!

Maybe you have a large LinkedIn network, or a great group of colleagues you can trust. It is tempting to ask them what CRM they use, and if they would recommend it. This is not a good idea, because the best CRM for them is not necessarily the best CRM for you.

If you want the best CRM for your business, ask an independent consultant. If you rely on the word of the salesperson trying to sell you their platform, of course they will tell you they are the best. At Larmahil we put your needs ahead of our own agenda to sell software, and we are here to help you find your perfect CRM.


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