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How Customer Surveys Help your Business

How Customer Surveys Help your Business


Can you really delight your customers, if you don't know them?

One important aspect to inbound marketing strategy, although it really applies to all forms of marketing, is the requirement of data and information. While there are many ways to gain information, some of which has been covered here before, sometimes, you can’t beat the classics. To that end, today we are going to look at customer surveys, and how they can help your business.


Getting to know your customers.

Ideally, you want to have a good relationship with your customers. By this, I don’t mean you get along well, but that you understand each other, and know about them. At its core, this is the primary function of a customer survey.

Apart from getting to know individual customers, the data you collect also helps you build your buyer profiles, so you can be familiar with more of your customers. If many surveys return the same type of results for the same type of people, that is something you are going to want in your buyer profiles.


How happy are your customers?

All of this is information can also be helpful for gauging customer satisfaction. If your customers are happy, you want to know that, and you want to know what they think you’re doing well. If there are certain products or content you make that tend to get an exceptionally positive response on your surveys, you will want to focus a bit more on those aspects of your business.


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How unhappy are your customers?

Apart from learning what your customers like, you can also learn what they don’t like. If they are displeased with some aspect of your service, or even just think there is something you could be doing better, you want to know about it. It may bruise your pride to hear about unhappy customers, but they do happen.

A customer survey will give your customers a venue to air their complaints, and make it easy for you to hear them. Maybe it’s obvious to say, but if you want to improve your service for your customers, you need to know what they want, and where you need to improve.


People want to be heard.

Surveys help build trust with your customers. When you ask your customers what they want from you and what they think you could do better, it makes them feel valued. Their opinions matter to you, and they are far more likely to want to do business with somebody whom they feel cares about them and their input.

Customer surveys are a simple way of getting buyer data, and are by no means the most advanced, but they are fairly reliable. There is a reason why surveys are still used in the modern age. Apart from giving the information you need to successfully market yourself, it does something that most automated data gathering systems are not as good at: build trust. And when using an inbound marketing strategy, trust is the most valuable commodity you can have from your customers.


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