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How a Better Checkout Process Can Help Your Sales

How a Better Checkout Process Can Help Your Sales

You know that if you want to sell products online, you’ll need to have an online checkout page on your site. You’ll also have to integrate a payment processing provider into your site. This makes checkout faster, more convenient, and, by choosing the right provider, can even increase conversion rates.

The problem is that there are so many to choose from. To add to this, you’ll have to adapt to changing browser standards, make checkout forms responsive to mobile devices, and translate pages into local languages. This makes it even more difficult.

Luckily, Stripe has you covered. With Stripe Checkout you’ll be able to streamline your checkout process and increase your revenue. But why Stripe and how can you use Stripe Checkout in your HubSpot CMS website? Let’s see.

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Why Stripe?

The simple answer is that Stripe is an industry leader when it comes to payment processing and ecommerce payment solutions. Their solution not only makes the process of checking more streamlined and efficient but is also immensely powerful.

It adapts to each customer based on their location, device, browser, and user settings. You don’t need to implement any features yourself and you don’t need to do any testing to see if it works. In short, it let’s you spend your time on your business without worrying about receiving payments.

Using Stripe Checkout in HubSpot

HubSpot offers a variety of solutions aimed at ecommerce. These HubSpot ecommerce solutions include forms, quotes, and integrations with ecommerce apps. In addition, there’s also the marketplace where you’ll find ecommerce templates and custom modules.

Natively, HubSpot allows you to integrate with Stripe that gives you the choice to generate a quote and get paid right from the quote. Once the payment is made, HubSpot creates a customer and adds subscriptions to that customer in Stripe.

Using custom modules you can, for instance, put a payment button anywhere on your page by using a Stripe Checkout Button. You could also use a Pricing Table with Stripe Checkout. This gives customers the opportunity to select a pricing option and checkout with Stripe. Another alternative would be to use a feature product landing page that incorporates Stripe Checkout.

But what if you wanted to create a Stripe Checkout form? Unfortunately, HubSpot doesn’t provide a straightforward way to do this. Their integration with Stripe goes as far as their native quotes using Strip Checkout.

You could also try by using a Stripe Checkout button module, you can add a checkout button anywhere on the page. This is, however, not a perfect solution. 

Then there are also other services in that you could integrate with HubSpot. These services then add the necessary field to a HubSpot form. They, in turn, integrate with Stripe and allow you to use Stripe as a payment processor. The problem here is that you need to use more services just to have a HubSpot Checkout form, which is far from ideal. It creates more work, and more expenses.

Lastly you can implement a checkout button on your site by using custom code written in JavaScript and HUBL. For this you need to know and understand these languages and, incorporating it in this way can get unnecessarily complicated.

What other options do you have? Well, we may have the solution for all your HubSpot checkout forms.

The Stripe Checkout Form for HubSpot

By using the Stripe Checkout Form for HubSpot you’ll be able to create checkout forms quickly and easily. It is a fully functional HubSpot form that is fully integrated with Stripe Checkout.

This means you’ll be able to securely accept payments through Stripe on your website. You’ll also be able to capture contact details directly in your HubSpot CRM, send follow-up emails, and trigger workflows.

It’s compatible with all HubSpot landing pages and website pages and it does not require a subscription or any third-party integrations. The most important is that it’s easy to implement and use.

Isn’t it time you implement Stripe forms on your site the easy way? You can get more information on or buy the Stripe Checkout Form for HubSpot here.

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