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Introduction to Email Marketing

Introduction to Email Marketing

How to use email build customer relationships

Email marketing is a perfect inbound marketing tool (when done properly) for medium and small businesses, due to its low upfront costs email marketing offers the largest ROI (38-1) of all marketing platforms. Email marketing includes a wide variety of features to assist you with all types of campaigns. It is an essential element in any content marketing strategy. Create a contact list, segment them according to specific characteristics. Build email campaigns for newsletters and blogs, or build your own.


Understanding CASL

Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation went into effect on July 1, 2014. In 2017 the final phase will be in effect giving consumers the ability to seek financial compensation from companies who do not follow the rules. As a business owner it is vital you understand what is considered spam. The most important piece of the puzzle is understanding who you can and can not email. Who you may email is dependant on what form of permission you have:

  • Explicit Permission - Anyone who has given you permission to email them
  • Implied Permission - Any email address obtained from a public place, industry event, previous business, group or association you are part of
  • No permission - Anyone who has unsubscribed

If your contact has given you implied consent you may contact them and ask them to "opt-in" to your future email campaigns. It is good practice to include an "opt-in" feature to your webforms for things like newsletters and blogs. This gives the prospect a clear understanding of what they are signing up for.If anyone questions how you obtained their email it is your responsibility to provide proof of permission, opt-in checks will help you track this proof.


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Email Campaign success is measured using four categories of statistics. The four categories are: Bounce rate, Open Rate, Click through, Unsubscribe.

  1. Bounce Rate - Your email will bounce if you send it to an invalid email address, or the email has been flagged as spam. Theses are referred to as hard bounce or soft bounce.
  2. Open Rate - The percentage of recipients who opened your email
  3. Click through - The percentage of clients who followed a link to a webpage or content offer within your email
  4. Unsubscribe - The recipients who no longer wish to receive emails from you


Email Campaign Types

The different types of email campaigns are typically defined by their content offering. A letter style campaign is designed to look like a person to person email, while a newsletter or blog campaign will include headers and images similar to what we see on websites. Whichever style you choose keep in mind if a customer unsubscribes you have permanently lost permission to email them until they opt back in to your campaign. Always email with a plan and a purpose, and make sure your email is delivering valuable content to your customer.

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