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Larmahil brings CRM consulting to Regina, Saskatchewan

Larmahil brings CRM consulting to Regina, Saskatchewan

In a world full of poorly kept secrets, it is time to let the cat out of the bag and announce to the world that Larmahil Software Consulting has relocated to Regina, Saskatchewan. Specializing in CRM software solutions for medium and small businesses, we are the experts you can trust when selecting and implementing CRM software. The decision to move to Regina was motivated by many factors including, proximity to family, the size of the market, and the cost of living.

We are excited to become an active member of the Regina business community, and we understand that to be successful in Regina means reaching out to rural communities across southern Saskatchewan. Upon arriving we immediately joined the Regina and District Chamber of Commerce. As well as reaching out to and meeting with the business development community.

Saskatchewan's Only CRM consulting agency

We are extremely excited at the possibility of being Saskatchewan's only digital marketing agency focused primarily on CRM technology. Customer relationship management is the largest software market in the world and has increasingly proven to be the best technological asset that companies can invest in. Working with a CRM consultant for selection, implementation, and maintenance will ensure your company gets the best return on investment.

The advantages of working with a CRM consultant include:

  • Making sure you have the right software for your needs
  • Having a clear implementation strategy
  • On-going support and training

Doing Business in Regina

Anytime you relocate a business the market you are moving into has to be your top consideration. For Larmahil moving to Regina was a great opportunity to be within close proximity of all the industries we service best. The business community in Regina is a strong mix of Agriculture, Oilfield, Tech, Manufacturing, and Consumer Services. Centrally located in the prairie provinces and surrounded by wheat fields and oil derricks Regina offers a diverse blend of natural resources to build a stable economy.

Our experience serving the oil and gas industry of western Canada is an important part of Larmahil's growth over the past three years, and relocating to Regina means we are now just a short drive from the most active oil plays in Canada. Our proximity to Calgary also allows for strategic meetings with key industry players. Whether we operate in the fields or in the boardrooms our new home in Regina puts within reach of every opportunity.

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Regina's Growing

Over the past decade, the population in Regina has grown over 20% from 180,000 to 230,000 citizens. With this surge in the population, we are seeing greater opportunities for growth. More new businesses and start-ups are calling Regina home, which works well with Larmahil's training programs. As the only CRM consulting agencies in Regina, we are in a unique position to help new business owners understand the impact CRM technology can have on their business.

We are seeing a lot of start-ups in the tech world, offering Saas (subscription as a service) products. SaaS marketing is tailor-made for CRM and Inbound Marketing. It is exciting to see Saskatchewan based tech companies like Vendasta, who raised 40 Million dollars in VC funding last year to support their growth. As Regina continues to invest in its tech community Larmahil is in a great position to grow.

Working with Regina based business is the key to our success

As previously mentioned in this article, upon our arrival to Regina we were eager to jump in and join the business community here in Regina. With immediate success at networking events hosted through the Regina and District Chamber of Commerce, it wasn't long before new projects with local business began. In our previous market, we relied heavily upon out of province and even out of country business to make ends meet. With our successful relocation to the city of Regina, this is no longer the case. We can now reach out to our local community and know that our advanced CRM technology and marketing strategies will be welcomed and embraced. Regina's business community is looking towards the future of sales and marketing, and Larmahil is excited to be part of that conversation.

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