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Past Present & Future of Larmahil

Past Present & Future of Larmahil

I have never written a blog like this before, this is going to be a brief history of how Larmahil came to be, where we are today and what the future holds. Since I do not have the same celebrity following as many of my counterparts, there is a good chance if you are reading this you are once of the people I consider to be my friends, and clients. Many people are surprised when I reveal in the first meeting that Larmahil is really just me (a guy in his basement) and two part time developers.  

Meet the team

In 2018 I contracted a HubSpot developer from India through a freelancing website to help me figure out some javascript on a form.  I told him I couldn't pay him a lot for the work but if he helped me I would give him 25% of every module sold indefinitely.  I had no idea at the time just how much that deal would cost me as that little module has become the #1 solution for HubSpot multi-step forms.  But even more valuable that the module is the partnership that has developed between Karan and I.  He is my go to guy, right hand man, Hamilton to my Washington.  We talk daily and have completed over a hundred projects together in the past two years. 

The next great chance encounter happened again while searching for an API developer who could help one of my visions become reality. I didn't post a job, or turn to a freelancer website.  This time I sent out some random emails at midnight on a Friday asking unemployed developers who had posted their resume to WorkPEI, if they would be willing to take a test in exchange for the promise of 200 hours of work on a APP I had an idea for.  

Only one person responded to my email, Immanuel he took the test, and informed me he was a student that needed 200 hours of work as part of his studies.  It was the perfect fit for both of us.  It is amazing to think that this man half my age has helped Larmahil launch 2 HubSpot applications in a period of only 9 months. Did I mention he is also a student? 

Reflections of the past

Larmahil was born in the summer of 2016 in a hotel room in Minnesota, I had no idea what it would be or how I would build it but I found the word "LARMAHIL" during a late night google search of random words...TRUE STORY. When I read the definition of a person with this old english name I felt as though I was reading my biography.  My personality, circumstances, habits, and characteristics all seemed to align with what someone with the name Larmahil would portray.  I proceeded to register the domain name immediately and later that year launched Larmahil as a CRM consulting company in Charlottetown PEI.

Since then the journey has been a winding road for sure, I have helped companies with CRM, sales, Marketing (account based and inbound), and training. I have been blessed with some amazing clients who still call us today.  Not bad considering the day I registered my business in Prince Edward Island I ate lunch in the soup kitchen, slept in my car, and showered at the beach public changing facilities.  I had $20 left in my bank and all my worldly possessions fit in the back of my car.

Our current situation

Earlier today we launched our second HubSpot application, a payment integration for Stripe and HubSpot called Collect.  This is an exciting time for me personally as I firmly believe that every business can benefit from adding eCommerce to their website.  Our App offers a much lower cost solution than what currently exists. 

New call-to-actionOur first application RFQsolution.com is a job board for HubSpot, it allows HubSpot users to post projects for HubSpot partners to bid on.  While RFQ has not had any immediate success there is some very exciting buzz about the possibilities of what could be done with such an application. As HubSpot continues to grow in users and applications the need to connect Users and Partners will only grow. 

In addition to these applications Karan, Immanuel, and myself continue to build modules, and themes for the asset marketplace.  While helping companies much larger than ourselves migrate their websites from their current platforms to HubSpot CMS. COVID didn't hold us back, sure we lost a couple clients who had no choice but to cutback on spending, all I can say is don't let COVID be an excuse to not do something. Build it, launch it, grow it. 

The future of Larmahil 

It's difficult to predict exactly where Larmahil is going.  In 2021 my goal is to take the company entirely online with products in the HubSpot Ecosystem for both assets and applications.  I would like my small team to get to spend our time doing nothing but research and development for future HubSpot assets and applications. While supporting our customers and helping them get the most out of HubSpot. We have tight knit group of HubSpot partners we work with, without their support I would have the time to dream up all these crazy ideas, and I pray for all of us to whether the storms and prosper.  Larmahil's future is bright because of the people I consider my friends and colleagues, and if you are one of them reading this now, thank you for your friendship and support. You are a rockstar.