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Score More, Win More

Score More, Win More

Using lead scoring to win more deals

Good morning!

It is October 27, 2016. The month is about to end and I am 3 deals shy of my target. It is also Friday morning, which means with the weekend coming I am quickly running out of time to close those 3 deals. Who do I call?

Every B2B sales and marketing professional has found themselves in this exact situation before. We know that we have somebody in our list of contacts who is ready to buy, but figuring out who that is can be difficult. Unless you have a lead scoring system built into your CRM. Lead scoring gives you the ability to organize your contact list by customer interest and forms an important part of a fully-integrated sales enablement strategy. It is easy for us to look at those big accounts and think they are the secret to success, but if they are not showing any signs of interest, then they likely are just big beautiful empty houses.

Some Signs of interest

  • Downloaded your ebook or white-paper
  • Submitted a RFQ or pricing inquiry
  • Frequently visited your website for information
  • Filled out a contact form
  • Clicked through links in your emails

If a lead is exhibiting these signs the likely have a need your product or service can help solve.

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How Lead Scoring Works

First, lead scoring does not work if you do not have CRM software. Once you have a CRM system, if it is a good one, you will have some method of monitoring your leads online activities. Most CRM lead scoring systems operate on the idea that engagement is good, disengagement is bad. When a client clicks through or downloads something their score goes up, when they do not open or unsubscribe to something their score will go down.

Next, within your CRM system you will set up campaign triggers. If a leads score hits a # of points it triggers a campaign, then your CRM will execute this campaign for you. Hopefully, you have set up notifications that the campaign has been triggered so you can monitor it.

Finally, you will determine a point in the process where your lead shows signs of being ready for contact, and when you contact them you will be armed with the knowledge of what they appear to be interested in.

Lead scoring is an effective way to organize your prospect list and use your time more efficiently. It is always better to talk to someone who is interesting what you have to say.

Learn more about lead scoring and the buyers journey in our CRM Training Program.  We take a closer look at user behaviour and the impact it has had on the way we sell products and services.


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