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Marketing Qualified Leads vs Sales Qualified Leads

In most business structures, a lead is someone you feel like would be a good fit your products or services. Up until about 10..

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Identifying the 8 Stages of the customer lifecycle

Before we can talk about the sales funnel or buyer's journey we need to identify the different stages of a customer's..

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The Role of Technology in Sales Enablement

The importance of technology in a sales enablement strategy

Sales enablement is the processes, content, and technology that..

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Using Buyer Persona's in Sales Enablement

What is the difference between an Ideal Customer Profile and a Buyer Persona? the Ideal Customer Profile broadly describes your..

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Creating a Service Level Agreement between Sales and Marketing

It is pretty common to have a Service Level Agreement between your business and your clients. An SLA is an agreement between a..

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Developing a qualified lead framework


What is a qualified lead? A lead with money, and a lead with potential to buy. Doesn't that pretty much sum up every person..

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Setting up a Sales Plan for Your Company's Growth Strategy

The sales plan is a overview of your company’s sales enablement strategy, your company's sales goals and your company's plan to..

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What do you want to achieve with your sales enablement strategy?

Four steps to creating a vision for both sales and marketing.

A good place to start any activity is to know where you want to..

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