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The Best CRM Is The CRM You Will Actually Use

The Best CRM Is The CRM You Will Actually Use

As a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software consulting agency we are often asked for our opinion on what is the best CRM. Before we start talking about what makes a great CRM system, we would like to address this notion of what is the best CRM. Quite simply, there is no such thing as the best CRM.

The question we should be trying to answer is "what is the best CRM for us?" To compare all platforms against each other and say one is the best is difficult because all platforms are not equal. Some are specific to marketing automation, and lead generation. Others are used for sales enablement and deals management. If you send a lot of quotes during your sales process then a you would want to make sure you get CRM solutions designed to accommodate that. If top rated marketing CRM does not have a quoting feature then it is not the best CRM for you.

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After we identify your needs

The next step in determining which is the best CRM for you is to take a look at your current processes for lead and contact management. Asking questions like:


How many users will we need?

Most CRM systems charge a fee based on the number of users you sign up for. $50/month seems like a low price point until you multiply it by 20 users in your company.


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How many contacts to we have?

In addition to charging for users some systems will cap or limit the number of contacts you can manage. If you have a small database this is not likely an issue, but for companies with thousands of subscribers a limit of 100 contacts will not work.


The final step

Once you know what you features you need your CRM to provide, and how many users & contacts you have to manage the most important factor in selecting a new CRM is to ask your team what system they will actually use. This is the most important factor in selecting the best CRM for you, because if your team does not understand how the new system works or improves their daily job, they will not use and you are wasting your money.

Many organizations face technology limitations because of their organizational structure and staff. It is difficult to stay on top of all the latest advancements in CRM technology, and changing your process to fit with the technology is not always an option. User experience should be considered when selecting a CRM.

This does not mean that the old way of doing this is the right way. Implementing a CRM is a great way to increase your sales efficiency, reduce redundancies, and generate more leads for your team to follow up with. All of these benefits can only be achieved with constant daily use of the system. You can not benefit from this technology if you and your team are not all on the same page during the selection and implementation process.

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