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The Features and Benefits that Make Stripe Checkout an Indispensable Tool

The Features and Benefits that Make Stripe Checkout an Indispensable Tool

As the checkout page has become more than just a place to input your credit card information, the burden has been placed on businesses big and small. Now the excuse of having a small business isn’t enough to justify having a poor checkout experience. The rules have changed and customers demand more, no matter who they buy from online.

Your customer base expects to be able to pay with their preferred wallet. They assume that you are following the latest security guidelines. Your pages need to work on every browser, support local languages, and follow the rules of responsive design. In short, it has to work well no matter who uses it, when they try, what device they are using, or how secure their connection is.

New call-to-actionSmall teams who don’t have the luxury of meticulously programming every one of these features into one page on their online experience have to choose between using a third party and losing customers. 

One of the most important features of using stripe checkout is that there is no coding involved. The stripe team knows that you don’t have the time or the knowledge to try to integrate your site with the API. It has to work well with just a few unskilled clicks.

That is the exact experience that came about. You need zero technical knowledge to get started with stripe and you won’t suffer for not knowing either. All the premium features you want come included. That means customs designs and branding that matches your company. You get the chance to customize your page to reflect your business. The design is easy to integrate and it is modular. So if you only need a small piece of the puzzle, that’s all you have to use.

They got the details right

A professional team backed up by an industry powerhouse makes for some hefty resource allocations. The stripe team makes sure that its efforts didn’t go to waste. They took the time to obsess over the tiniest details. Providing a checkout that increases sales, not steals them.

Every feature is added to reduce friction from your consumers. There is an address auto-complete that works in their local language. Everything is validated in real time. Any mistakes made when entering information are greeted with informative error messages that clearly descrive the problem and how to remedy it.

The third party autofill allows your saved cards and payment methods to be used without having to re-enter them. The checkout recognizes what type card you’re using automatically to ensure you are paying with the right card.The swiss army cart
They recognized the versatility that was needed by staff to work with the checkout. This driving need is what prompted stripe checkout to be

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translated into 25 languages and be available in 135 countries. It isn’t just the wording that is localized, but the payment methods too. Methods like Alipay, Bancontact, FPX, iDEAL, SEPA Direct Debit, Bacs Direct Debit, EPS, Giropay, Przeley24, and Sofort all work with Stripe,.

They take payments as a one time charge like any checkout should. They support securely saving the payment details for your customers to make their next experience easier. They handle subscriptions and trials automatically without having to add in other tools.

Security isn’t something that you can afford to take lightly, but Stripe checkout has your back. The checkout has machine learning built in to automatically tell which transactions are from real people and which ones are coming from fraudulent accounts. High risk payments get extra authentication. You can choose to double up on your own security, or use Stripe’s chargeback protection to make sure you stay safe.

Following the latest standards is necessary to continue to protect your customers. They are kept safe using PCI validation. Compliance isn’t an issue no matter where the transaction takes place, even with Europe’s Stron Customer Authentication.

They play well with others

Stripe has taken it upon themselves to not just work on its own, but to seamlessly integrate with a host of other tools. The checkout plays nice with your CRM, whether you use Salesforce or HubSpot.

For instance a few simple modules allow you to add Stripe’s checkout directly to HubSpot pages. Pre-made templates bring Stripe to your business without any setup or technical knowledge. Choose from a simple button, an optimized pricing table, or a fully functional form.


Start your 14 day free trialStripe is a top choice because they do everything right. There are no stones unturned and no boxes unchecked when it comes to bringing their customers the best service possible. They are a trusted company in taking secure online payments and they continue to deliver.