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Why you have unfinished blog posts, and how to overcome them

Why you have unfinished blog posts, and how to overcome them

As an Inbound Marketing agency not a day goes by where we do not preach the value of logging to our clients and prospects. Regular blogging is the best way to increase website traffic, covert strangers to leads, and provide valuable content to your audience. The problem is we don't always practice what we preach. When I fired up my computer this morning I noticed I had started 2 articles and left them unfinished. This got me thinking "why didn't I finish these articles?".

There are many possible reasons why we do not finish what we start sometimes, but I have found that at the core of all procrastination (something I am somewhat of an expert at) the root cause can e traced to one of three key factors.

Time, Knowledge, and Ambition

Over the years I have discovered in order to get anything done, whether it is a household chore, work duty, or something related to family, you need the perfect balance of time, knowledge, and ambition.

Time, this one is pretty obvious. Do you have the time to complete the task? We often use time as an excuse to delay doing something we do not want to do in exchange for a more desirable option. Writing a blog article for your company is nowhere near as enjoyable as playing a game with your kids, or walking your dog, so this is an easy excuse to delay finishing that article.

Knowledge, if you are going to take on a task it's important to know what you are doing first. In my own example regarding some of my unfinished blog articles, I discovered I simply did not have enough knowledge or information on the subject to complete the article. Sometimes we get inspired to write something and then after we pen our initial thought on the subject we realize there is not enough information there to justify a full article.

Ambition, you may have the time and the knowledge you need to complete your task, you just simply do not want to do it right now. This is a classic case of lacking the ambition to get the job done. Many of us refuse to acknowledge this truth about ourselves, so we mask the lack of ambition as not having time, or lacking the required knowledge, but if you are honest with yourself you know you simply did not WANT to do it.

Overcoming what is lacking

Now that you have identified your root cause for your unfinished blog articles here are some sure fire steps to overcoming these three obstacles.

Time management

If you have reviewed your daily routine and schedule and just determined that there is no extra time to do this work, you should strongly consider outsourcing or hiring someone to do it for you. Weigh the value between what this would cost and the return for your business.

There are also tools which will help you better manage your time or free up a few extra hours through automating certain tasks and activities.


There are many ways to increase your knowledge to complete any task. With the introduction of YouTube, wikihow, and countless other online resources anyone can learn to do anything today. Perhaps this is not the best use of your TIME though, in that case the same solution applies; consider outsourcing the task or hiring someone to do it for you.

In the case of all things digital Larmahil offers complete training programs to provide you with the knowledge you need to get the job done.

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In my previous example where some unfinished blog just do not have enough substance to considered a blog, perhaps there is a better medium to deliver the message. After all a social media post is nothing more than a micro-blog.


This one is tricky, because you simply can not make yourself want to do something. One way to overcome a lack of ambition is to find what truly motivates you and review what this lacking desire is costing you. Once you have done this you may decide that you are actually better off not completing the task.

Ok, now for my best Tony Robbins impression; Challenge yourself to complete the task, make a resolution to change your habits.

Didn't work for you? thats okay it rarely does. If this is an important enough task to warrant your attention, but not important enough to get you motivated to do it, the answer is once again outsourcing or hiring someone to do it for you.

The reason you are not completing your daily, weekly, or monthly blogs is going to be rooted in a lack of time, knowledge, or ambition. If you can not overcome any one or more of these obstacles then you should strongly consider outsourcing your blog, hiring a content creator, or removing it from your website and adjusting your strategy.

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