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Prosperworks the #1 recommended CRM for G Suite

What is Prosperworks?

ProsperWorks is a simple, smart and easy to use
CRM platform that helps your clients manage their
customer data, streamline and scale sales
processes, and get actionable insights, so they can
sell more faster. The product is cloud-based, cross-
device, and cross-platform; it’s a web app, Chrome
extension and mobile app.

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Users actually use it because it’s so simple.



Real-time insight into team activities.


Repeatable Sales Process

Create a process that every rep can easily follow so they can focus on selling, and new reps can onboard quickly.


Central Source of Truth

Unifies fragmented data from Gmail, Google Apps, and other external sources like social and legacy systems.


Secure Data

Make sure no more leads fall through the cracks.


#1 Recommended CRM for Google

The simplest, smartest, and easiest to use CRM

Why is it the recommended CRM for Google?

ProsperWorks is Google’s #1 CRM. It has the tightest integration with Gmail, the rest of the Google Apps suite and meets Google’s stringent security requirements. ProsperWorks’ deep integration and commitment to security, safety and trust in the cloud is why we’re the only CRM that’s been officially recommended by Google. In fact, Google just signed up as an official ProsperWorks customer and are rolling out the CRM internally within several major business units.

What type of users is ProsperWorks for?

Sales reps: it’s easy to use, part of their existing workflow, enables better organization and productivity, and eliminates data entry.

Sales managers: they get team visibility, rapidly onboard new reps, replicate best practices, and can forecast and plan more accurately.

ProsperWorks has helped us easily track deals through the pipeline, providing visibility on how we can become more efficient in closing deals.

Clarissa Shen



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