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CRM Training

Individualized lessons with a CRM expert to develop a system
in your CRM that is tailored to your needs.

Course Overview


Set your sales team up for success with HubSpot CRM training. You'll learn how to get the most out of your systems and processes with the help of a dedicated HubSpot expert at your side.

Your training will begin with the first of four calls with your own HubSpot expert. From there, you'll discuss how your sales process works, how it might be improved, and how to roll out changes to your team. At the end of the process, you'll have a sales process that matches how your team likes to sell.

You'll enjoy:
  • Four hours of dedicated HubSpot consulting
  • A personalized team tour of the HubSpot CRM
  • A custom recording of your tour for training new reps
  • Full access to the HubSpot Support team
  • Resources, certifications, and more from HubSpot Academy

With This Training You Will Learn

CRM Best practices & Set-up
Work with your trainer to discover the most effective ways to use your CRM in your sales process. Learn how your CRM can improve efficiency by reducing redundant tasks.
Sales Process Optimization

Your trainer will review your sales process and look for ways to strealine and automate steps in order to improve your time management.

Deal Stage Structure
A review of your deal stages will identify bottlenecks in the process where deals traditionally get hung up or stuck, and provide solutions to keep your pipeline flowing smoothly.  
Inbound Sales Methodology
Our experts will introduce you to best practices used in inbound sales. We will provide you with additional resources on the subject to further your education.
Reporting, analytics, and measurement
We will walk you through the steps to find the stats which matter most to you. Set-up your dashboard with a custom view of the analytics by which you measure success.
Technical Setup Assistance
Get assistance with all the technical aspects of setting up your CRM. Integrations with your website, and other applications can enhance the capabilities of your system.