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Automation, Implementation, & Website Technical Services

"Larmahil's implementation process made getting our new CRM set up quick and easy"
- Carey Barnstable, Bulldog Containment

Larmahil Technical Services

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Business Software Technical Services


Time, knowledge, or ambition?
The technical set-up of any software solution requires three important ingredients. You must have the time required to set it up.  You must have the knowledge of how to set it up. You must have the desire or ambition to want to set up your new software solution.

Whether you subscribed to the latest time-saving, do-it-yourself, [INSERT APP NAME HERE] or an extremely robust and sophisticated software solution. You and your team will still need to install, and set it all up.

If you are lacking any of the above mentioned requirements then you can either waste your money on a system you are not using, or pay someone to do it for you.  

How can Larmahil help ?

Implementing software solutions is what we do best.  Our dedicated team of software consultants have all the time, knowledge, and ambition to get you set-up and started.

Your Larmahil software consultant will help you customize your shiny new system to your business. Chances are if you signed up for "it" online we have worked with "it".   Our knowledge of more than 400 software solutions makes implementing and maintaining these services simple.

Here are a few things included in our technical services: 

  • Custom data fields and forms
  • Custom workflows
  • Custom landing pages, or website pages
  • Integrations between multiple software platforms
  • Website integration
  • Social media integration
Integration and customization is what we do best, these skills enable us to take your off the shelf cookie cutter solution, and tailor fit it to solve your biggest problems.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for organizations to more effectively broadcast their message on multiple digital channels (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks.

Why Automate Your Digital Marketing?

As a busy  do you really have time to spend posting content to social media, or sending out nurturing emails to people who have visited ?

Using marketing automation software take care of the repetitive task, so you can focus on content creation.

Larmahil offers a variety of marketing automation technical services to help you attract, convert, close, and delight more customers.

CRM Implementation

More often than not CRM implementations high failure rate. Mapping out the strategy is the foundation of a successful implementation. We work with your team to ensure everyone is on the same page throughout the entire process. 

Larmahil will work with you to select and implement the best fit CRM solution for .  We take a close look at budget, required features and desired functions, then present you a solution that works for your needs. 

CMS Website Design

Content Management Systems (CMS) like Wordpress are a valuable asset to any business.  Once set up they allow you to dynamically create new content for your website or blog and share it with your audience. With so many settings, plug-ins, tabs, and options staring at the dashboard of your first CMS website can be a lot like sitting in the cockpit of an airplane.   This can be intimidating and/or overwhelming for most people, and just knowing where to begin is a challenge.

 Larmahil works with clients who are developing a CMS website, or redesigning an existing one.  We offer technical support to get you set-up and on your way to delighting your website visitors.